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Steel Wire Rods being discharged at Bandirma Port , Turkey.


Our strategy is to consistently monitor domestic and foreign market activity, metal-producing and -consuming industries, and the rapidly changing futures markets. We always intent to bring our clients most attractive price and delivery terms. 

Our marketing strategy has resulted bringing our company to become handpicked steel trading company in the Eastern Europe and Middle East region in terms of transit steel trading. 

Prime Steel Wire Rods in Coil being shipped to Eemshaven , The Netherlands.

About Us

We are privately owned , results oriented ,  reputable trading company .  We aim high and focus on our ultimate goal while trading steel products and raw materials. We see the big picture, take responsibility and work with high motivation along the path of maximum performance. 


Our specialities

Customers are our main focus.

We regard ourselves as ambassadors of our company . 

We work with the awareness of generating value for our customers and their business in every decision we make and action we take. 

We create customer loyalty through long lasting close relationships that generate value. Our customer relations are based on flexibility, stability, sustainability and a solution based beneficial partnership.

We form transparent and honest relationships

We pursue relationships based on transparency, persistence, mutual trust and integrity with our clients, customers, suppliers and other business partners. Our clients are members of our family and being threated as our main business partners. 

Products and Activities

Steel Raw Materials (Pig Iron and Ferrous Scrap )


We supply a range of Steel Scrap vital to the steel production process, grades from various origins such as Black Sea and/or MENA regions since 2005. We traded more than a million ton steel scrap in our track records.  Our company has an subsidiary company and fully equipped scrap yard in Kazakhstan and trading steel scrap to Russian and Turkish Steel producers independently. Our main focus is Turkish and Russian market.

We supply following grades and specs:

Heavy Melting Steel (HMS) Cut Grades 

HMS 1:2 75:25 HMS 1:2 80:20 HMS 1:2 90:10 

GRADE 3A as per Russian Norms

(HMS 1  ISRI 200 , 201 , 202 and HMS 2 ( ISRI 204 , 205 ,206 ) 

Shredded Scrap ( ISRI 210 and 211 ) 

Plate and Structural Steel Scrap 

We do supply Pig Iron in Bulk from various sources in C.I.S. region. 

Grades we supply as following : 

  • PL 1 / PL2 
  • L1/L2/L3/L4/L5/L6

Semi Finished Steel Products


We are acting as brokers or traders depending on the trading transactions for semi finished steel products. Our main product at this product range is called Hot Rolled Steel Square Billets. Steel Billets are form of steel casted from continuous casting machine in to rectangular shapes for re heating into rolling mill furnaces. 

We trade Steel Billets from Belarus , Russian Federation or Kazakhstan origin. 

Steel Billets are being consumed for re-rolling into steel long products by rolling mills.

Our main focus is Turkish market from Black Sea region. 


Specifications we supply : 

125 x 125 / 130 x 130 / 140x140 / 150x150 mm

by 6000 mm or 11700 mm or 12000 length. 

Steel Grade 3SP or 5SP as per Russian GOST Standards. 

We do also supply mixed length and random length billets.

Our annual capacity is about 250.000 tons of steel billets trading volume. 

Steel Long Products


We are acting as brokers and/or traders depending on the source of transactions for below Steel Long Products , mainly but not limited to CIS origin : 

  •  PRIME STEEL WIRE RODS IN COILS , low carbon , mid carbon and high carbon range products for several end usage applications. 
  • Deformed Steel Bars for Reinforcement of Concrete. 

Seamless Pipes / OCTG


We do supply Steel seamless hot deformed pipes for oil-and-gas industry from various producers in C.I.S. region mainly to Texas , U.S.  We supply following specs : 

Sizes: 21,3 - 168,3 mm
               Wall thickness: 2,41-21,95 mm
              Grades: carbon steel and alloyed steel
               Standards: ASTM A106-08; ASTM A53-07; ASME B36.10M-2004; API 5CT-2005/ISO 11960-2004;API 5L(44p.)/ISO 3183-2007; GOST550-75 

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